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About us.............Rabbits for Sale!

Looking back... It all started with 1 pet rabbit. Our rabbitry currently houses 50 bunnies. We have a few Hollands, Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarfs that raise babies for pets. Everyone else is a Spot.
I have learned to make all my own cages and carriers and between selling pets and Spots they, most of the time,pay their own way. It is definately a labor of LOVE.

I went to my first ARBA show about 4 years ago. Boy, was I amazed. I started showing Hollands and met many wonderful people. Everyone is very helpful to a new exhibitor. Then I saw my first English Spot. I fell in love. My first stock came from Leslie Cobb in Ohio. Since then I have brought in other lines like Marshall's, Branham's, Mason's, Drier's and Gannon's. But the Cobb breeding still runs strong and now the stock that bears the Posey Hill name are all registered and I have just finished the Grand Championships of my second generation. We have come a long way.

Currently we have nothing ready. I do have several Torts that are coming along nicely. I may have some for sale in the for the Feb. show in Lebanon, PA. E-mail me if you are interested.